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Holistic Athlete Health Solution

Introducing Holistic Athlete Health Solution (HAHS) Empowering Athlete Well-being with Holistic Care

USCAH empowers athlete health and well-being

HAHS is a digital platform tackling the holistic health needs of modern athletes. HAHS extends our expertise and education with on-demand clinical services, seamlessly addressing athletes’ physical, mental, and emotional needs holistically. HAHS is the premiere solution for institutions looking to prioritize health and well-being, while creating a culture of holistic health.

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In an era where Athletic Departments grapple with complex health challenges, staff shortages, and the mental health crisis, HAHS is the premiere solution for institutions seeking to:

  • Fill gaps and enhance your athletes’ healthcare experience
  • Invest in their athletes’ success
  • Become leaders in campus holistic health support
  • Provide access to services 24 hours a day, every day of the year
  • Address collegiate athlete health, safety and well-being requirements

How HAHS Works:

  • Seamless Integration: HAHS integrates effortlessly into your existing health and wellness programs, enhancing the services you already provide.
  • Continuous Support from USCAH: Our step-by-step guide ensures easy implementation and maximum engagement.
  • Technology-Driven: Utilizes a user-friendly app to provide immediate access to health resources and services.

HAHS Setup Flow:

  • Contract Review: Sign the HAHS contract, an addendum to your existing USCAH partnership.
  • Roster Submission: Share your athlete roster to establish eligible users.
  • Launch Planning: Set a go-live date for HAHS in your organization.

HAHS User Experience:

  • App Installation: Users receive an email with the HAHS app link and instructions.
  • Account Creation: Set up an account using your organization's access code.
  • Full Access: Enjoy comprehensive access to educational and clinical services.

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Discover how HAHS and USCAH can transform the health and well-being of your athletes. Click here for more information.

Get Started with HAHS:

Ready to enhance the health and safety of your athletes with HAHS? Contact us to set up your program.

HAHS by USCAH - Elevating Athlete Care, One Step at a Time.

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