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U.S. Council for Athletes' Health

For the love of sports.

Independent, third-party athlete health and safety consultation, education and compliance

Commit to the health & safety of your athletes

When your athletes’ health and safety are on the line, USCAH is your partner in protection.


Expert consulting, education and compliance resources for your program's healthcare delivery system

USCAH partners with universities, high schools, rec, club and youth sports programs of all sizes to deliver athlete health and safety consultation, education and compliance resources that reduce risk and protect against accidental injury, wrongful death and avoidable scandal.

USCAH is your best line of defense against undue harm to your athletes. We protect you from your worst day so you can concentrate on your best.

Together we make sports safer for every athlete.


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Expert consulting, evaluations & education for your program's healthcare

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Athletics Healthspace

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A membership platform designed for Athletics Healthcare Administrators

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Our partnership with USCAH has aligned our athletic department with healthcare industry experts to provide best practices of sports medicine management and operations for our student athletes.

USCAH has provided the NAIA immeasurable insight and support as we successfully navigated our national championships during the past year. USCAH’s vast expertise makes them perfectly positioned to help our members better understand the standard...

Husch Blackwell and the U.S. Council for Athletes' Health (USCAH) share a commitment toward institutions and organizations proactively protecting the health and safety of athletes. Our partnership supports this effort by limiting organizational risk...

Our teams have never faced an opponent as formidable as COVID-19. Athletic Healthspace has been a difference-maker for St. Anthony Village High School during a very difficult time; helping our activities department provide the safest participation op...

Our valued partnership with USCAH emphasizes our commitment to the health, safety and well-being of the student-athletes in the Mountain East Conference," the Mountain East Conference (MEC) Commissioner Reid Amos said. "Having an organization like th...

We are eager to employ this partnership with the US Council for Athletes' Health. As we attempt to return to the fields of competition, it is imperative we have access to leaders in the medical community to allow us to make safe and reasoned decision...


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