Vector Solutions and USCAH Announce Partnership to Strengthen the Health and Safety of Athletes 

This major partnership brings together best-in-class training that centers around athlete health and well-being with a state-of-the-art digital prevention platform  

Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions dedicated to helping educational institutions make their operations and communities safer, smarter, and better, has announced its partnership with the U.S. Council for Athletes' Health (USCAH) to offer schools and colleges access to nearly 50 health and safety courses that help prevent catastrophic injuries in sports.

Collegiate athletes face unique physical and mental health challenges as they balance intense practices, game days, course loads, and travel requirements. While injuries are an unfortunate aspect of sports participation, taking proactive measures can help minimize the risks associated with catastrophic injuries and death. It is essential that athletes, coaches, support staff, administrators, officials, and students participating in intercollegiate sports and campus recreation sport programs have a baseline understanding of health, safety, and welfare issues that are common in athletics.

“At Vector Solutions, we want to ensure everyone involved in school-based athletic programs have the information and skills they need to keep athletes safe and supported,” said Rob Buelow, General Manager, Education at Vector Solutions. “This partnership with USCAH truly puts the very best training into the hands of schools, athletic departments, coaches, and athletes to maximize the well-being of students who participate in sports.” 

This monumental partnership between Vector Solutions and USCAH combines industry-leading training that promotes athlete health and well-being with one of the most widely used digital prevention platforms serving K-12 schools and higher education institutions. USCAH is comprised of a diverse, multidisciplinary team of medical experts with experience serving in high-level positions within intermediate and collegiate athletic organizations. The team is strategically positioned to address all aspects of athletic healthcare, including compliance, assessment, education, personnel, programming, and more.

"As we embark on this transformative partnership with Vector Solutions, we are not only strengthening our resolve but also expanding our reach in ensuring the holistic well-being of our partners," said James Borchers, MD, MPH, President and CEO of the U.S. Council for Athletes' Health. "This collaboration allows us to leverage Vector Solutions' enormous reach and technological prowess to deliver best-in-class education, furthering our impact."

To help educational institutions address the critical topics and unique issues that impact athlete safety, well-being, and success, this partnership brings nearly 50 additional courses, authored by USCAH’s athletic healthcare experts, to expand Vector Solutions’  training library. These new courses include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sudden Cardiac Injuries and Commotio Cordis In Sport: This course covers important aspects related to sudden cardiac injuries and commotio cordis in sport including education, screening recommendations, and emergency action planning for cardiac emergencies.
  • ACL Injuries and Prevention Strategies: This learning module provides an overview of the basics of anterior cruciate ligament injuries and prevention strategies including injury characteristics, who is at risk, treatment options, and injury prevention concepts.
  • Respiratory Conditions in Sport: This course covers important aspects related to respiratory issues including definitions, education associated with common respiratory conditions in sport, signs and symptoms, treatment, and prevention strategies.

    A record number of learners already access USCAH programming. In 2023, a total of 183,307 courses were completed, reflecting a substantial 67.5% increase compared to the previous year as the pressure increases on athletic programs to keep students safe. The addition of USCAH’s courses to Vector LMS will help address the growing demand for rigorous and reliable athletic safety training by offering this unique content to the 2,000 higher education institutions and 5,000 K-12 school districts using Vector Solutions to support their digital prevention and well-being programming.

    “Our valued partnership with USCAH emphasizes our commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of the student-athletes in the Mountain East Conference," the Mountain East Conference (MEC) Commissioner Reid Amos said. "Having an organization like USCAH as a resource to help guide policy, protocols, and procedures is invaluable in today's landscape.”

    “I would like to share our experience working with USCAH,” said Stephen Paul, MD, Senior Associate Athletic Director, Director of Athletic Medicine, The University of Arizona. “I first appreciate the collaboration with the Pac-12 conference which allowed us the opportunity to explore and utilize the resources USCAH has to offer. Specifically, utilizing their independent assessment resources was critical for the University of Arizona to identify and implement key changes to our department to move to an independent medical model. We are also thankful for collaboration with USCAH in utilizing their modules on Health and Safety education for our staff.”

    To learn more about the Vector Solutions and USCAH partnership, click here.

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    The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) was founded upon the need within athletic institutions for trusted, independent partners with the experience and expertise to advise and consult with organizations regarding their healthcare delivery system. That is why USCAH is committed to providing independent and unbiased medical expertise to organizations and individuals dedicated to the optimal health and safety for the athletes they serve. The USCAH conference partnerships include 7 NCAA Division I Conferences, 10 NCAA Division II Conferences, and 1 NCAA Division III Conference. The University of Arizona, Washington State University, and the Mountain East Conference have seen first-hand the benefits of partnering with the USCAH.